Volume 1,Issue 3,1981 Table of Contents

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On the Summability of Partial Sums of Fourier Series
  Shi Xianliang
  1981,1(3):1-6 [Abstract(1333)]  [View PDF]
The Quasi-Kernels in an n-Preadditive Category
  Yu Yonghsi
  1981,1(3):7-15 [Abstract(1161)]  [View PDF]
On the Tensor Product of Left Modules and Their Homological Dimensions
  Zhou Boxun
  1981,1(3):17-24 [Abstract(1206)]  [View PDF]
Convergence Theorems of Quasi-Picard Iteration of a Contraction Mapping on Probabilistic Metric Spaces
  You Zhaoyong
  1981,1(3):25-28 [Abstract(1287)]  [View PDF]
A Note on U Statistics
  Su Chun, Bai Zhidong and Xu Daming
  1981,1(3):29-30 [Abstract(1264)]  [View PDF]
On the Lebesgue Decomposition of the Multidimensional Infinitely Divisible Distributions
  Bai Zhidong and Su Chun
  1981,1(3):31-34 [Abstract(1146)]  [View PDF]
The Longest Paths and Cycles in Bipartite Oriented Graphs
  Zhang Cunquan
  1981,1(3):35-38 [Abstract(1123)]  [View PDF]
Compact Perturbations of a Continuous Mapping
  Chen Wenyuan and Qin Chenglin
  1981,1(3):39-46 [Abstract(1131)]  [View PDF]
Continuity Modulus of Fractional Order and Absolute Convergence of Fourier Series
  Xie Tingfan
  1981,1(3):47-56 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF]
Fourier Series for the Class of BMO Functions
  Wang Silei
  1981,1(3):57-59 [Abstract(1187)]  [View PDF]
A Note on Opial-Hua's Inequality
  He Tianxiao and Wang Shoucheng
  1981,1(3):61-62 [Abstract(1925)]  [View PDF]
An Inversion Formula for Switching Functions
  Yin Kezhen
  1981,1(3):63-68 [Abstract(1130)]  [View PDF]
A Class of Generalized Complex Newton Interpolation Series
  Xu Lizhi, Yang Jiaxin and Bao Xuesong
  1981,1(3):69-72 [Abstract(1155)]  [View PDF]
  1981,1(3):73-82 [Abstract(2060)]  [View PDF]
What Could Be Realized From P. L. Hsu's Model
  Zhang Yaoting
  1981,1(3):83-87 [Abstract(1295)]  [View PDF]
The Theory of Elliptic Functions Based on Elementary Analysis
  Moh Shawkwei
  1981,1(3):89-100 [Abstract(1287)]  [View PDF]
An Extension of the M?bius-Rota Inversion Theory with Applications
  L. C. Hsu
  1981,1(3):101-112 [Abstract(1204)]  [View PDF]
  Pei Lucheng
  1981,1(3):113-126 [Abstract(1117)]  [View PDF]
  Yu Yusen
  1981,1(3):127-129 [Abstract(1039)]  [View PDF]
  Cheng Jitai
  1981,1(3):131-133 [Abstract(1088)]  [View PDF]
  1981,1(3):134 [Abstract(1066)]  [View PDF]