Volume 17,Issue 2,1997 Table of Contents

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An Algebraic Approach to the Schwarz Alternating Methods
  Huang Jianguo
  1997,17(2):159-164 [Abstract(1082)]  [View PDF]
Measures of Semi Noncompactness and Set Valued AM Mappings
  Sun Daqing
  1997,17(2):165-170 [Abstract(983)]  [View PDF]
On the Structure of Inner 7 Closed Simple Groups
  Li Xianchong and You Taijie
  1997,17(2):171-175 [Abstract(1217)]  [View PDF]
Note on Magic Squares and Magic Cubes on Abelian Groups
  Wen Yihui and Hugo Sun
  1997,17(2):176-178 [Abstract(1314)]  [View PDF]
A Class of Rational Arithmetical Functions with Combinatorial Meanings
  Pentti Haukkanen
  1997,17(2):179-184 [Abstract(1083)]  [View PDF]
Strong Approximation by Riesz Means on Compact Symmetric Spaces
  Yang Ruyue,Li Luoqing and Chen Dirong
  1997,17(2):185-189 [Abstract(993)]  [View PDF]
Semi Coercive Monotone Variational Problems on Reflexive Banach Spaces
  Tang Chunlei
  1997,17(2):190-192 [Abstract(1393)]  [View PDF]
Radon Nikodym Derivative on Loeb Space
  Chen Dongli
  1997,17(2):193-196 [Abstract(1297)]  [View PDF]
On Hyperspace of Lasnev Space
  Xie Lin and Liu Yong
  1997,17(2):197-202 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF]
On a Class of Fractal Interpolation Functions
  Qian Xiaoyuan
  1997,17(2):203-204 [Abstract(1050)]  [View PDF]
Riordan-Lagrange Inverse Relation
  Wang Tianming and Sun Ping
  1997,17(2):205-206 [Abstract(1162)]  [View PDF]
Several Theorems on Trace and Eigenvalues for Quaternion Self Conjugate Matrices Products
  Zhang Shuqing,Yang Guoqing and Lü Yunxia
  1997,17(2):207-213 [Abstract(1220)]  [View PDF]
The QN-Radicals and K-Radicals of Γ-Rings and Their Matrix Rings
  Chen Weixin
  1997,17(2):214-216 [Abstract(1337)]  [View PDF]
  1997,17(2):217-218 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF]
Construction of Orthonormal Wavelet Packets
  Yang Shouzhi,Yang Xiaozhong and Cheng Zhengxing
  1997,17(2):219-224 [Abstract(1284)]  [View PDF]
On an Interpolation Polynomial of Bernstein
  Zhu Laiyi
  1997,17(2):225-228 [Abstract(931)]  [View PDF]
Ergodic Theorems for Reversible Semigroups of Asymptotically Nonexpansive Type
  Wang Weimin
  1997,17(2):229-233 [Abstract(1047)]  [View PDF]
A New Noncompact Minimax Theorem, Section Theorem and Nonempty Intersection Theorem in H-Spaces
  Wu Xian
  1997,17(2):234-238 [Abstract(1172)]  [View PDF]
Fixed Point Theorems for Discontinuous Mapping in Banach Spaces
  Mao Erwan
  1997,17(2):239-242 [Abstract(1091)]  [View PDF]
The Equivalence of the Idempotent Monad and the Adams Completions
  Shen Wenhuai,Yi Jianxin,Ding Peng and Dai Xiongping
  1997,17(2):243-246 [Abstract(996)]  [View PDF]
Variational Inequalities and Quasi Variational Inequalities for the Noncompact Set
  Zhang Congjun
  1997,17(2):247-252 [Abstract(1260)]  [View PDF]
On a Problem of T.J. Rivlin
  Wu Garidi and Chen Guangrong
  1997,17(2):253-256 [Abstract(1007)]  [View PDF]
Gronwall Inequality for Projected Systems
  Zhang Weinian
  1997,17(2):257-260 [Abstract(1947)]  [View PDF]
On a Theorem Characterizing CNEP and an Application
  Wang Yangeng
  1997,17(2):261-265 [Abstract(1208)]  [View PDF]
Some Properties of Pentagon Subspace Lattices
  Li Jiankui
  1997,17(2):266-270 [Abstract(1130)]  [View PDF]
On the Conditions of Ranges of Perturbed m Accretive Operators
  Ma Xinshun and Shi Tongju
  1997,17(2):271-274 [Abstract(1033)]  [View PDF]
Generalized Duality Theory on the General Multistage Recourse Problem
  Chen Zhiping and Xu Chengxian
  1997,17(2):275-286 [Abstract(1224)]  [View PDF]
On Huang′s Algorithm and Givens′ Transformation
  Liang Chuanguang,Chen Xiaozhu and Zhang Liwei
  1997,17(2):287-291 [Abstract(1073)]  [View PDF]
The Proximate Zero Order (R) of the Generalized Laplace Stieltjes Transform
  Jiang Shuzhen
  1997,17(2):292-296 [Abstract(1196)]  [View PDF]
The Limit Cycle of Dynamic System with Gaps
  Wu Huanqin,Li Li and Chen Xiudong
  1997,17(2):297-303 [Abstract(1503)]  [View PDF]
The Construction of Maximum Family of Orthogonal Random Measure and Its Uniqueness
  Lin Yixing
  1997,17(2):304-308 [Abstract(1024)]  [View PDF]
Bifurcation of Limit Cycles from Planar Isochrones Depending on a Small Parameter
  Zhou Yicang
  1997,17(2):309-312 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF]
General Counter Examples on a Problem of Special Generating Subgraph of Hamiltonian Graph
  Sun Jianxin
  1997,17(2):313-314 [Abstract(1009)]  [View PDF]
Remarks on Ladas′ Oscillation Theorem
  Liu Shutang
  1997,17(2):315-316 [Abstract(1038)]  [View PDF]
Some Fixed Point Theorems for Composite Operators in Banach Spaces
  Li Fengyou
  1997,17(2):317-318 [Abstract(977)]  [View PDF]