Volume 37,Issue 3,2017 Table of Contents

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Maxima of the $Q$-Index for Halin Graphs
  Qi KONG, Ligong WANG and Yong LU
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):253-261 [Abstract(1898)]  [View PDF 223.59 K (1468)]
The Signless Dirichlet Spectral Radius of Unicyclic Graphs
  Guangjun ZHANG and Weixia LI
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):262-266 [Abstract(1730)]  [View PDF 101.43 K (1222)]
Commutative $L^{*}$-Rings
  Jingjing MA and Yuehui ZHANG
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):267-273 [Abstract(1635)]  [View PDF 108.76 K (1162)]
On the Addition of Two Cubes of Units and Nonunits mod $p^{\alpha}$
  Cuifang SUN and Zhi CHENG
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):274-280 [Abstract(1687)]  [View PDF 108.32 K (1122)]
Coefficient Bounds for a New Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Salagean Operator
  Fan CHEN and Xiaofei LI
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):280-298 [Abstract(1740)]  [View PDF 115.70 K (1078)]
On $\Phi$-$\tau$-Supplement Subgroups of Finite Groups
  Xiaojian MA and Yuemei MAO
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):281-289 [Abstract(1625)]  [View PDF 127.68 K (1070)]
On Transcendental Entire Solutions of Systems of Complex Differential-Difference Equations
  Manli LIU and Lingyun GAO
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):299-306 [Abstract(1836)]  [View PDF 111.80 K (1021)]
Estimates for the Lower Order Eigenvalues of Elliptic Operators in Weighted Divergence Form
  Yanli LI and Feng DU
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):307-316 [Abstract(1657)]  [View PDF 123.19 K (986)]
Weighted Estimates for the Iterated Commutators of\\ Multilinear Operators with Mild Regularity Kernels
  Jie SUN and Xianliang SHI
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):317-324 [Abstract(1656)]  [View PDF 126.42 K (995)]
Zero Products and Finite Rank of Toeplitz Operators on the Harmonic Bergman Space
  Qian DING, Yinyin HU, Liu LIU and Yufeng LU
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):325-334 [Abstract(1766)]  [View PDF 120.68 K (1196)]
Complete Manifolds with Harmonic Curvature and Finite $L^p$-Norm Curvature
  Haiping FU, Pingping DAN and Shulin SONG
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):335-344 [Abstract(1743)]  [View PDF 132.20 K (966)]
A Class of Multivariate Hermite Interpolation of Total Degree
  Zhongyong HU, Zhaoliang MENG and Zhongxuan LUO
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):345-350 [Abstract(1598)]  [View PDF 96.16 K (1014)]
Gradient Based Iterative Solutions for Sylvester-Conjugate Matrix Equations
  Hailong SHEN, Cheng PENG, Xinhui SHAO and Tie ZHANG
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):351-366 [Abstract(1813)]  [View PDF 555.48 K (1148)]
Augmented Lagrangian Alternating Direction Method for Tensor RPCA
  Ruru HAO and Zhixun SU
  Published May 15, 2017
  2017,37(3):367-378 [Abstract(1904)]  [View PDF 436.30 K (1454)]