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On the addition of two cubes of units and nonunits mod $p^{\alpha}$ Pending
Unicyclic graphs with a perfect matching having signless Laplacian eigenvalue two Pending
Coefficient Bounds for A New Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Salagean Operator Pending
New Finding on Factoring Prime Power RSA Modulus N = p^r q Pending
The Representation Theorems of Conjugate Spaces of Some $l^{0}(\{X_{i}\})$ Type $F$-Normed Spaces Pending
Gradient based iterative solutions for Sylvester-conjugate matrix equations Pending
The Riccati equation method combined with the generalized extended (G′/G)-expansion method for solving the nonlinear KPP equation Pending
On Φ-τ-supplement subgroups of finite groups Pending
Estimate for the lower order eigenvalues of elliptic operators in weighted divergence form Pending
Height estimates for spacelike hypersurfaces with constant $k$-mean curvature in GRW spacetimes Pending
Morrey estimates for Schr\"odinger type elliptic equations Pending
A relationship between the walks and the semi-edge walks of graphs Pending
Commutative L*-Rings Pending
The signless Dirichlet spectral radius of unicyclic graphs Pending
Complete manifolds with harmonic curvature and finite $L^p$-norm curvature Pending
On transcendental entire solutions of systems of complex differential-difference equations Pending
Morrey spaces associated to the sections and singular integrals Pending
Weak convergence to the two-parameter Volterra multifractional process in Besov spaces Pending
Condition numbers for indefinite least squares problem with multiple right-hand sides Pending
Weighted estimates for the iterated commutators of multilinear operators with mild regularity kernels Pending