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A Centroid-based Automatic Image Registration Method Pending
Numerical Analysis of the Allen-Cahn Equation with Coarse Meshes Pending
On the regularity criteria for 3-D liquid crystal flows in terms of the horizontal derivative components of the pressure Pending
Recollements, tilting homological dimensions and higher-dimensional Auslander-Reiten theory Pending
Extensions of some sufficient conditions for starlikeness and convexity of order $\beta$ Pending
Curve Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Discrete Data Points and Normal Vectors Pending
Verified computation of eigenpairs in the generalized eigenvalue problem for nonsquare matrix pencils Pending
The open-point and compact-open topology on $C(X)$ Pending
Pseudo-maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Hazards Cure Model with a Single Change Point for Current Status Data Pending
On the Strong Law of Large Numbers for END Sequences Pending
Fekete-Szegö functional problems for certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions involving the Hohlov operator Pending
Automorphism groups of some graphs for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo ps Pending
The asymptotic attractor of the damped Navier-Stokes syetem Pending
Inexact averaged projection algorithm for nonconvex multiple-sets split feasibility problem Pending
New exact solutions to the nonlinear Zoomeron equation with local conformable time-fractional derivative Pending
On split $\delta$-Jordan Lie triple systems Pending
A global rigidity theorem for the length of concircular curvature tensor on the locally conformally symmetric Riemannian manifold Pending
Approximate quadratic functional inequality in $\beta$-homogeneous normed spaces Pending
General solutions of a higher order impulsive fractional differential equation involving the Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives Pending
The number of failed components in a conditional coherent operating system Pending