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The Factor Spectrum and Derived Sequence Pending
Edge partition of graphs embeddable in the Projective plane and the Klein bottle Pending
Exact boundary controllability of nodal profile for hyperbolic systems Pending
Verified computation of eigenpairs in the generalized eigenvalue problem for nonsquare matrix pencils Pending
The open-point and compact-open topology on $C(X)$ Pending
Pseudo-maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Hazards Cure Model with a Single Change Point for Current Status Data Pending
B\''ezier surfaces with special coordinate curve nets Pending
Some new properties of Morgan-Voyce polynomials Pending
A Semilinear Pseudo-Parabolic Equation in Exterior Domains Pending
On the Strong Law of Large Numbers for END Sequences Pending
Fekete-Szegö functional problems for certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions involving the Hohlov operator Pending
Powers of the Catalan generating function and Lagrange 1770 trinomial equation series Pending
Automorphism groups of some graphs for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo ps Pending
The asymptotic attractor of the damped Navier-Stokes syetem Pending
Inexact averaged projection algorithm for nonconvex multiple-sets split feasibility problem Pending
Some properties of a class of refined Eulerian polynomials Pending
New exact solutions to the nonlinear Zoomeron equation with local conformable time-fractional derivative Pending
On split $\delta$-Jordan Lie triple systems Pending
A global rigidity theorem for the length of concircular curvature tensor on the locally conformally symmetric Riemannian manifold Pending
Approximate quadratic functional inequality in $\beta$-homogeneous normed spaces Pending