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Piecewise Coons surface reconstruction over arbitrary hierarchical T-meshes Pending
Wave breaking in the periodic integrable Hunter-Saxton equation with a dispersive term Pending
On $\I$-covering mappings and 1-$\I$-covering mappings Pending
Central reflexive rings with an involution Pending
Explicit Iterative Sequences of Positive Solutions for A Class of Fractional Differential Equations on An Infinite Interval Pending
A new matrix inversion for Bell polynomials and its applications Pending
Brauer upper bound for the Z-spectral radius of Pending
Nonlocal integral boundary value problem of Bagley-Torvik type fractional differential equations and inclusions Pending
Indefinite Least Squares Problem with Quadratic Constraint and its Condition Numbers? Pending
The GPBiCG(m,l) Method for Solving General Matrix Equations Pending
Solution path of the perturbed Karush-Kuhn-Tucker system for stochastic nonlinear programming with inequality constraints Pending
On split regular Hom-Poisson superalgebras Pending
Bipartite version of the Erd\H{o}s-S\''{o}s conjecture Pending
On the spectra of strong power graphs of finite groups Pending
Complete convergence for Sung''s type weighted sums of dependent random variables with general moment conditions Pending
On power finite rank operators Pending
On generating new (2+1)-dimensional super integrable systems Pending
Common best proximity points theorems Pending
Third Hankel determinant for Ma-Minda bi-univalent functions Pending
Constructing planar C1 cubic Hermite interpolation curves via approximate energy minimization Pending