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Single-Valued Neutrosophic Lie Algebras Pending
The normalized Laplacian spectrum of subdivision vertex-edge corona for graphs Pending
Hexagonal Patterns in the 2-D Lengyel-Epstein System Pending
Hypergraphs with Spectral Radius at most $\sqrt[r]{2+\sqrt{5}}$ Pending
A new class AOR preconditioner for L-matrices Pending
Point Spectra of the Operator Corresponding to the M/M/1 Queueing Model with Working Vacation and Vacation Interruption Pending
A criterion on the finite p-nilpotent groups Pending
On Unicyclic Graph with Minimal Second Atom-Bond Connectivity Index Pending
Ring isomorphisms and complete preservers of fixed points for multipliers Pending
Analysis On an SEIR Epidemic Model with Logistic Death Rate of Virus Mutation Pending
Global weak solution to the chemotaxis-fluid system Pending
The application of differential characteristic set method to pseudo Pending
The structure of a Lie algebra attached to a unit form Pending
Infimum of the spectrum of Laplace-Beltrami operator on classical bounded symmetric domains with K\"ahler metric Pending
Fujita-type phenomenon of the nonlocal diffusion equations with localized source Pending
$QDB$-tensors and $SQDB$-tensors Pending
Relative Property A for discrete metric space Pending
Annihilator condition on power values of commutators with derivations Pending
A Fourth-order Convergent Iterative Method by Means of Thiele"s Continued Fraction for Root-finding Problem Pending
Certain subclasses of harmonic univalent functions defined by convolution and subordination Pending