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The uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing small functions dealing with multiple values Pending
A Refined Non-asymptotic Tail Bound of Sub-Gaussian Matrix Pending
Minimal rotational hypersurfaces in some non-flat Randers spaces Pending
On $F(p, s)$-Teichm\"{u}ller space Pending
Almost cosymplectic p-spheres and almost cosymplectic metric bi-structures on three-manifolds Pending
Reliability and controllability of the system consisting of a robot and its associated safety mechanism Pending
Costar subcategories and cotilting subcategories with respect to cotorsion triples Pending
On characterization of monoids by properties of generators Pending
An improvement of multigrid methods using multiple grids on each layer for parallel computing Pending
A convergent family of linear Hermite barycentric rational interpolants Pending
Complete classification of flag-transitive point-primitive 2-designs with socle M11 Pending
Some properties of solutions for some types of $q$-difference equations originated from $q$-difference Painlev\''{e} equation Pending
The Hyper-Wiener Index of Unicyclic graph with Given Diameter Pending
Differentiability of interval valued functions and its application in interval valued programming Pending
Skew-t Copula-Based Semiparametric Markov Chains Pending
Double series identity and some Laurent type hypergeometric generating relations Pending
Relaxation methods for systems of linear equations and applications Pending
Fine Regularity of solutions to the Dirichlet Problem associated with the Regional Fractional Laplacian Pending
Characterizations of commutators of singular integral operators on variable exponent spaces Pending
Ordering quasi-tree graphs by the second largest signless Laplacian eigenvalues Pending