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Third Hankel determinant for Ma-Minda bi-univalent functions Pending
Constructing planar C1 cubic Hermite interpolation curves via approximate energy minimization Pending
Self-normalized exponential inequalities for martingales Pending
Path cover in $K_{1,4}$-free graphs Pending
The normalized Laplacian spectrum of pentagonal graphs and its applications Pending
On the distance spectra of several double neighbourhood corona Pending
Coefficient Estimate and Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ Inequality for a Class of m-Fold Symmetric Bi-Univalent Function defined by Subordination Pending
Single-Valued Neutrosophic Lie Algebras Pending
The normalized Laplacian spectrum of subdivision vertex-edge corona for graphs Pending
Hexagonal Patterns in the 2-D Lengyel-Epstein System Pending
Hypergraphs with Spectral Radius at most $\sqrt[r]{2+\sqrt{5}}$ Pending
A criterion on the finite p-nilpotent groups Pending
Analysis On an SEIR Epidemic Model with Logistic Death Rate of Virus Mutation Pending
Global weak solution to the chemotaxis-fluid system Pending
The application of differential characteristic set method to pseudo Pending
The structure of a Lie algebra attached to a unit form Pending
Fujita-type phenomenon of the nonlocal diffusion equations with localized source Pending
$QDB$-tensors and $SQDB$-tensors Pending
Annihilator condition on power values of commutators with derivations Pending
Majorization Problems for Some Subclasses of Starlike Functions Pending