Meromorphic Convex Functions with Negative Coefficients
Received:April 25, 1986  
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B. A. Uralegaddi Department of Mathematics Karnatak University Dharwad 580 003
M. D. Ganigi Department of Mathematics Karnatak Arts College
Dharwad-580 001 INDIA 
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      Let σk(a) be the class of functions(?), regularin the punctured disk E={z:0<|z|<1} and satisfying Re(1+zf″(z)/f′(z))<-a(0≤a<1) for z∈ E. In this paper we obtain coefficient inequalities, distortion and closure Theorems for the class σk(a). Further we obtain the class preserving integral operator of the form F(z)=c∫01ucf(uz)du,(00 for the class σk(a). Conversely when F∈σk(a) the radius of convexity of f is obtained.
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