Littlewood-Paley Operators on the Space of Functions of Weighted Bounded Mean Oscillation
Received:September 02, 1989  
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Qiu sigang Dept . Math.
Quf u Normal Univ. 
Liu zhenhong Dept .Math
Jining Normal Institute 
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      Littlewood-Paley operators, g-function, s-function and gλ*-function (λ>3),considered as operators on the space of functions of weighted bounded mean oscillation BMOw ((BMO)w), are "bounded operators". Exactly, we proved that if f BMOw((BMO)w) and | {x:Tf(x)≠∞|>0; then Tf is also in BMOw((BMO) and there is a constant C independent of f such that ‖Tf‖BMOwBMOw(‖Tf‖BMOw(BMO)w),where T is one of those Littlewood-Paley operators.
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