A Result on Hamiltonian Line Graph
Received:May 26, 1992  Revised:May 01, 1994
Key Word: Hamiltonian line graph   D-Circuits   amost bridgeless graph.  
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Liu Chunfeng Jinzhou Normal College
inzhou 121001 
Zhao Lianchang Dalian Oceanshipping University
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      Let G be a simple graph, for each edge e=uv of graph G, let d(e)=e(u)+d(u),where d(u) and (v)are degree of the vertices u and v respectively. The main result is asfollows:Let G be a simple connected, almost brideless graph of order p >g,G≠K1,p-1,if d(e0)+d(e1)>p+4 for each pair of edges e0 and e1 such that v(e0)∩v(e1)= , then theline graph L(G) of G has Hamiltonian cycles.
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