Tensor Products of Lattice Ordered Modules over K-f Rings
Received:November 24, 1993  
Key Word: K-f rings   lattice ordered modules   tensor product.  
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Author NameAffiliation
Zhou Wei Dept. of Appl. Math.
Southwest Jiaotong University
Chengdu 610031 
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      Let Ri be K-f rings, where K is a commutative lattice ordered ring with identity. We discuss the order induced on (?)R by the original order on Ri and prove that (?)R is an f ring with respect to this order. Moreover(?)R is an f ring with identity if Ri is an f ring with identity, i=1,2,…,p . An l-R1(?)R2 map is introduced into the category of lattice ordered modules over K-f rings where R1 and R2 may not equal and the tensorp roduct of lattice ordered modules over K-f rings is defined. When Mi is a lattice ordered module over K-f ring Ri with identity, i = 1, 2 , we show that the tensorp roduct of M1 and M2 exists uniquely.
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