On the Projective Radicals of Regular Rings
Received:January 10, 2003  
Key Word: projective radical   socle   regular rings   MP-dimension  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by National Natural Science Found of China (10071035)
Author NameAffiliation
LU Dan-cheng Dept. of Math.
Suzhou University
TONG Wen-ting Dept. of Math.
Nanjing University
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      We study the properties of projective radicals of regular rings. It is shown that the projective radical of a regular ring is left-right symmetric and a regular ring modulo its projective radical has zero projective radical. Also, we obtain a relation between projective radicals of a finitely generated projective module over a regular ring and its endomorphism ring, from which we give formulas about projective radicals of matrix rings and corners of a regular ring, and some equivalent conditions for a regular ring with zero projective radicals are given.
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