A GLKKM Type Theorem for Noncompact Complete $L$-Convex Metric Spaces with Applications to Variational Inequalities and Fixed Points
Received:December 24, 2006  Revised:May 25, 2007
Key Word: $L$-convex metric space   noncompact measure   transfer compactly open (closed)   variational inequality   section   maximal element   fixed point.  
Fund ProjectL:the Natural Science Research Foundation of Guizhou Provincial Education Department (No.2008072); the Natural Science Foundation of Science and Technologe Bureau of Bijie Area (No.2008-06).
Author NameAffiliation
WEN Kai Ting Department of Mathematics, Bijie University, Guizhou 551700, China 
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      In this paper, a new GLKKM type theorem is established for noncompact complete $L$-convex metric spaces. As applications, the properties of the solution set of variational inequalities, intersection point sets, Ky Fan sections and maximal element sets are shown, and a Fan-Browder fixed point theorem is obtained.
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