Higher-Order Attraction of Pullback Attractors for Parabolic Equations Involving Grushin Operators
Received:March 30, 2015  Revised:September 14, 2015
Key Word: non-autonomous dynamical system   higher-order attraction   maximum principle   pullback attractor   Grushin operators  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by Tian Yuan Fund of Mathematics (Grant No.11326100) and the Natural Science Fundation of Gansu Province (Grant No.145RJZA033).
Author NameAffiliation
Yanping XIAO College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Northwest University for Nationalities, Gansu 730030, P. R. China 
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      The higher-order attraction of pullback attractors for non-autonomous parabolic equations involving Grushin operators is considered. Firstly, the maximum principle is studied. Next, the higher-order integrability of the difference of weak solutions is established. Finally, the higher-order attraction is proved.
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