Local cocycle 3-Hom-Lie Bialgebras and 3-Lie Classical Hom-Yang-Baxter Equation
Received:November 22, 2016  Revised:April 06, 2017
Key Word: local cocycle 3-Hom-Lie bialgebra   3-Lie CHYBE   coboundary condition  
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Cheng Yong Sheng School of Mathematics and Information Science of Henan University yscheng@henu.edu.cn 
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      In this paper, we introduce 3-Hom-Lie bialgebras whose compatibility conditions between the multiplication and comultiplication are given by local cocycle conditions. We study a twisted 3-ary version of the Yang-Baxter Equation, called the 3-Lie classical HomYang-Baxter Equation (3-Lie CHYBE), which is motivated by 3-Hom-Lie algebras and prove that the bialgebras induced by the solutions to 3-Lie CHYBE are the coboundary local cocycle 3-Hom-Lie bialgebra.
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