Flag-Transitive Point-Primitive (v,k,4)-Symmetric Designs with PSL_n(q) as Socle
Received:March 28, 2017  Revised:September 05, 2017
Key Word: symmetric design, flag-transitive, point-primitive, classical group  
Fund ProjectL:This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China ( Grant Nos: 11471123; 11626206).
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Yan Zhu School of Basic Education Sciences zhuyan@xzhmu.edu.cn 
Shenglin Zhou Department of Mathematics  
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      Let D be a nontrivial symmetric (v,k,4) design, and G<= Aut(D) be flag-transitive and point-primitive with PSL_n(q) as socle. Then D is a 2-(15,8,4) symmetric design and Soc(G)=PSL_2(9).
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