Maps completely preserving Jordan 1-*-zero-product on factor von Neumann algebras
Received:June 23, 2017  Revised:September 12, 2017
Key Word: Factor von Neumann algebras   Jordan 1-*-zero-product   Completely preserver problems.  
Fund ProjectL:国家自然科学基金(11501401)
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Li Huang Taiyuan University of Science and Technology 
Yu Zhang Taiyuan University of Science and Technology 
Wen Hui Li Taiyuan University of Science and Technology 
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      Let H,K be infinite dimensional complex Hilbert spaces, and A,B be factor von Neumann algebras on H and K, respectively. It is shown that every surjective map completely preserving Jordan 1-*-zero-product from A to B is a nonzero scalar multiple of either a linear *-isomorphism or a conjugate linear *-isomorphism.
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