$QDB$-tensors and $SQDB$-tensors
Received:May 10, 2018  Revised:August 06, 2018
Key Word: $B$-tensors   $QDB$-tensors   $SQDB$-tensors   Positive definite   $P$-tensors  
Fund ProjectL:Natural Science Foundations of China
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Junyuan Yang Shanxi University yangjunyuan00@126.com 
Xiaoxia LI Yuncheng University  
Aiquan Jiao Yunnan University  
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      In this paper, we propose four new classes of structured tensors: $QDB(QDB_0)$-tensors and $SQDB(SQDB_0)$-tensors, and prove that even order symmetric $QDB$-tensors and $SQDB$-tensors are positive definite, even order symmetric $QDB_0$-tensors and $SQDB_0$-tensors are positive semi-definite..
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