Hexagonal Patterns in the 2-D Lengyel-Epstein System
Received:May 30, 2018  Revised:November 05, 2018
Key Word: Lengyel-Epstein system   Bifurcation   Hexagonal patterns.  
Fund ProjectL:National Natural Science Foundation of China ( No.11761063, 61872227)
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Lina Zhang Department of Mathematics and statistics, Northwest linazhang@nwnu.edu.cn 
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      Some qualitative behaviors of stationary solutions for the 2-D Lengyel-Epstein system are considered from the local bifurcation viewpoint in this paper. First, local bifurcation branches of hexagonal stationary solutions are constructed in the special case when the habitat domain is a rectangle. Next, the type of the bifurcation diagram near the bifurcation points is discussed.
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