Coefficient Estimate and Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ Inequality for a Class of m-Fold Symmetric Bi-Univalent Function defined by Subordination
Received:July 02, 2018  Revised:July 13, 2018
Key Word: analytic functions   univalent functions   coefficient estimates   $m-$ fold symmetric bi-univalent function   Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ inequality   subordination  
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Dong Guo Chuzhou Vocational And Technical College 
Huo Tang School of Mathematics and Statistics, Chifeng University 
En Ao School of Mathematics and Statistics, Chifeng University 
Peng Liang Xiong School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University, Hubei 
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      In this paper, we investigate the coefficient estimate and Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ inequality of a class of $m-$ fold bi-univalent function defined by subordination. The results presented in this paper improve or generalize the recent works of other authors.
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