Path cover in $K_{1,4}$-free graphs
Received:July 17, 2018  Revised:December 12, 2018
Key Word: path cover   path cover number   $K_{1,4}$-free graph   non-insertable vertex  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Tian Yuan Special Foundation (Grant No.\,11426125); The Joint Fund of Liaoning Province Natural Science Foundation (Grant No.\,SY2016012); Educational Commission of Liaoning Province (Grant No.\,L2014239).
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Mingda Liu Science of Colledge, Liaoning University of Technology 辽宁省锦州市古塔区士英街169号
Xiaodong Chen Science of Colledge, Liaoning University of Technology 辽宁省锦州市古塔区士英街169号
Mingchu Li Science of Colledge, Dalian University of Technology 
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      For a graph $G,$ a path cover is a set of vertex disjoint paths covering all the vertices of $G$, and a path cover number of $G$ denoted by $p(G)$ is the minimum number of paths among all the path covers of $G.$ In this paper, we prove that if $G$ is a $K_{1,4}$-free graph of order $n$ and $\sigma_{k+1}(G)\geq {n-k}$, then $p(G)\leq k$, where $\sigma_{k+1}(G)=\min\{\sum_{v\in S}{\rm d}(v):S$ is an independent set of $G$ with $|S|=k+1\}$.
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