Initial bounds for a subclass of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions defined by Chebyshev polynomials and q-differential operator
Received:October 15, 2018  Revised:May 13, 2019
Key Word: analytic functions   bi-univalent functions   coefficient estimates   Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ inequality   Chebyshev polynomials   q-differential operator  
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dong guo Chuzhou Vocational And Technical College 
en Ao School of Mathematics and Statistics  
Huo Tang School of Mathematics and Statistics  
liangpeng xiong School of Mathematics and Statistics  
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      In this paper, we investigate the coefficient estimate and Fekete-Szeg$\ddot{o}$ inequality of a subclass of analytic and bi-univalent functions defined by Chebyshev polynomials and q-differential operator. The results presented in this paper improve or generalize the recent works of other authors.
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