On $\I$-covering mappings and 1-$\I$-covering mappings
Received:December 21, 2018  Revised:March 01, 2019
Key Word: Ideal convergence   $\I$-covering mappings   1-$\I$-covering mappings   compact mappings.  
Fund ProjectL:NSFC (Grant No. 11801254) and Ningde Normal University (Grant No. 2017T01).
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Xiangeng Zhou Ningde Normal Univisity 56667400@qq.com 
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      In this paper, we introduce the concepts of $\I$-covering mappings and 1-$\I$-covering mappings, discuss the difference between sequence-covering and $\I$-covering mappings by some examples. With those concepts, we get some interesting properties of $\I$-covering (1-$\I$-covering) mappings and some characterizations of $\I$-covering (1-$\I$-covering) and compact mapping images of metric spaces.
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