Differentiability of interval valued functions and its application in interval valued programming
Received:February 10, 2019  Revised:July 25, 2019
Key Word: Interval-valued function, D-differentiability, Interval-valued programming, KKT optimality condition.  
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Yue BAO Inner Mongolia University for nationalities byebed@163.com 
Na LI Inner Mongolia University for nationalities 1024951096@qq.com 
linfen ZHANG Inner Mongolia University for nationalities  
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      In this paper, we firstly discuss the differentiability of interval-valued function using the method of total differential of real-valued function, and build the conception of D-differentiability of interval-valued function. Then we propose its gradient and some relative properties. As application, we discuss the optimal condition of unconstrained interval-valued programming and KKT condition and its example of interval-valued programming whose constrained condition is real-valued function. At the same time we propose the sufficient condition of the existence of optimal solution of convex interval-valued p
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