Fekete-Szegö functional problems for certain subclasses of bi-univalent functions involving the Hohlov operator
Received:March 24, 2019  Revised:August 26, 2019
Key Word: Fekete-Szeg&  #246   problem   Analytic function   Bi-univalent function   Gaussian hypergeometric function   Hohlov operator  
Fund ProjectL:Institution of Higher Education Scientific Research Project in Ningxia (Grant No.\,NGY2017011); Natural Science Foundations of China (Grant Nos.\,11561055; 11561001; 11762016)
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Pinhong Long Ningxia University longph@nxu.edu.cn 
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      In the paper the new subclasses $\mathcal{N}^{a,b,c}_{\sum}(\mu,\lambda;\phi)$ and $\mathcal{M}^{a,b,c}_{\sum}(\lambda;\phi)$ of the function class $\sum$ of bi-univalent functions involving the Hohlov operator are introduced and investigated. Then, the corresponding Fekete-Szegö functional inequalities as well as the bound estimates of the coefficients $a_2$ and $a_3$ are obtained. Furthermore, several consequences and connections to some of the earlier known results also are given.
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