On the Strong Law of Large Numbers for END Sequences
Received:May 17, 2019  Revised:August 18, 2019
Key Word: strong law of large numbers   Marcinkiewicz mean law   logarithmic mean law   END sequence.  
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Hao Li School of Mathematics and Statistics,Suzhou University leeh@ahsztc.edu.cn 
Xiaoqin Li School of Mathematical Science, Anhui University lixiaoqin1983@163.com 
Pengju Duan School of Mathematics and Statistics, Suzhou University pjduan1981@ 163.com 
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      We investigate the strong law of large numbers (SLLN) for a large class of mean based on the Extended Negatively Dependent (END) sequences. The sufficient conditions are obtained for the mean of SLLN in this paper. As an important application, the SLLN of Marcinkiewicz mean and logarithmic mean are presented immediately. In addition, we do some simulations for the mean of SLLN based on END random variables.
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