Special Singular Indices of T-Spaces as Invariant Quanta of T-Homotopy Types of T-Spaces
Received:November 17, 1993  Revised:August 01, 1994
Key Word: T-homeomorphism, T-homotopy, ρ′-cohomology sequence, ρ′-boundaryho-momorphism , special singular index.  
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Zhang Zengxi Dept. of Math. , Capital Normal Univ., Beijing 100037 
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      In this paper, we introduce the concepts of T-map , T-homeomorphism, T-homotopies between T-maps, T-homotopy-equivalents between T-spaces, and define the concept of special singular index of T-space by Ceech-Smith special singular cohomology theory for T-compact connected Hausdorff spaces. We prove that the special singular indeces of T-spaces are the invariant quanta for T-homotopy-types of T-spaces, the invariant quanta for T-homeomorphism-types of T-spaces, too.
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